miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Aruba a beautiful island
Maria Aranguibel

My father is stressful

My father is annoying say always don’t help around the house, have strange friends, don’t study enough and I say ¡stop pestering me! , but always scolding me.
When I have my Children making it want, and I respected you privacy.

This is the hotel La Cabana in Aruba

My vacations in Aruba

Next summer, I’m going to travel to Aruba with my family, were going to visit the beach, the shoping centre and casinos.
We are landing in “La Cabana” by one weekend.
We going to travel Aruba need passport, plane ticket, travelers check, suitcase, identification. I know much countryside in the island.
My father make hotel reservations before one years because have many tourist.
The shoping centre and casinos are dear but is very spectacular.
My vacation being funny and relaxing.

Maria Jose Aranguibel D-522

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2007

my sisters gabi and angelica

my house

my house

My House:
My house is very spacious; it has from bedrooms, five bathrooms, one living room, one kitchen, two garages and one swimming pool, my house is very beautiful and comfortable.
The decoration is classic, it has many picture and sculpture.
My house is very safe however; I’m changing two bedrooms is cramped for my family, because nine people lived there.
The house of my dream is big, have one lake, one boardinghouse and tennis court.

Maria Aranguibel
D- 522.